Christmas 2014 Worship Services

Blue Christmas:

Monday, December 22nd at 7:00pm – This worship service at Andrews for those who find the excitement of this season difficult to handle. With the loss of a loved one or other traumatic event, the excitement of the Christmas season can intensify the grief.  This worship service is a low-key worship that focuses on the healing aspect of our God. In this worship, we will light candles in memory of those whom we have lost. If this worship might help you to connect with God in a good way, come and join in worship with those who might feel the same.

Christmas Eve Worship Services:

6:00pm – This Worship at Andrews will include carol singing, and the traditional candlelighting. Special music will also be part of this worship, as well as some different ways of celebrating the birth of Jesus.

8:00pm – This worship at Trinity will continue some new traditions. Music will include the band, the choir, the hammer dulcimer. The Christmas story will be shared during the worship, and again at the end, where we will follow Mary and Joseph outside for a dramatic finish to the worship. Refreshments will be offered in the fellowship hall following the worship.

11:00pm – This late night worship at Andrews in a traditional style will include the singing of Christmas carols, traditional candle lighting, and great music. This late night worship always has a different feel, and an amazing way to start the first minutes of Christmas 2014.


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